Daniel Matoz, Active Matter

Dr. Daniel Matoz Fernandez

My research focuses on active elasticity and mechanics in biology. By coming from a strong theoretical physics background, especially statistical mechanics and active matter, I developed my interests in biological tissues, which in essence are the living materials governed by the complex interactions of these physics problems. As a postdoctoral researcher, I undertook the challenge of employing my high-performance computing and non-equilibrium physics expertise to unleash the basic principles of active matter in biological tissues. Taking it forward, I went on to expand my comprehension by learning experimental microbiology and imaging techniques, developing new theoretical physics frameworks, and creating new experimental collaborations. By combining theoretical physics, computational expertise, and experimental biological experience, I aim to tackle open questions of active materials and their health and disease function. You can find my full CV here.

Expertise: elasticity, statistical mechanics, active matter, computational physics.