Active materials are the main interest of our research. By this, we mean active matter at all scales from microscopic behaviours between the basic units of life - cells, throughout to the large cooperative behaviours between model organisms in ecology. Many biological systems continuously use complex multiscale structures to engineer functionalities beyond the ones found in simple materials. While understanding these systems' biochemical organisation is essential, the mechanics within biological systems are fundamental when considering different scales of stimuli-responsive adaptability.

Despite many efforts, a unified framework between biochemical signalling and tissue mechanics feedback at a mesoscale level is still missing. Our research develops novel theoretical and computationally effective tools that incorporate basic information from the biochemical processes into the system's mechanical properties. This approach will enable to resolve the fundamental principles of collective cell organisation and the emergence of tissue dynamics.

We are also establishing experimental systems, which will allow us to investigate the theoretically and computationally obtained results in practice and shed more light on active matter problems in biology.

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Active Material Under Growth
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